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How Public Art Benefits Everyone


Public art is an elegant way to brighten up a drab area. Everyone enjoys a beautiful piece of art that they can relate to. The movement to create more public art projects has been gaining momentum. Cities all across the United States are beginning to understand the value that such projects provide. The benefits of street art include:


  • Revitalizes a Drab Area: A bland side of a building, an empty lot, or a run-down house can all become a work of art through a public art project. It can give an area a facelift and make it more appreciated by the community.


  • Opportunities for Artists: Historically, artists do not benefit from the same economic opportunities as others. Many struggle to pay their bills and generate new business. Public art gives them an opportunity to display their skills and gain awareness.


  • Boosts Local Economies: Creating street art requires a lot of supplies and materials. Artists often purchase their materials from local suppliers. The art also has the chance to attract tourists and visitors to nearby restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.


  • Community Pride: The art can take a previous eyesore and make it a place to be proud of by the local residents. This helps them build a better sense of community as well.


  • Raises Public Awareness: Art can make statements too. It can raise awareness about social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues.

The Biggest Mural in Houston

June 2014

Eyeful Art and UP Art Studio are teaming up to bring Houston it's largest mural in the metro area.  Please log on to our website to learn more. The event will take place on Thursday, June 5th & Saturday, June 7th of 2014 at 2800 San Jacinto Street in Houston, TX. The event will benefit the Texas Children's Hospital Mural Project in Houston. 

Lettering in Atrium!

August 2013

Mr. D "Marilyn Monroe" mural on the front of Montrose Proper Gallery and Serty KCA on the left side done in the Montrose area on Westheimer.

July 2013

Eyeful Art Artists Mix and mingling.


Sebastien and Liza with Cheech Marin!
Liza Carlos with Shepard Fairey, Alex Arzu with Ron English, Sebastien Boileau with Risk
Liza and Futura
Romain Froquet, Sebastien "Mr. D" Boileau, Liza Carlos and Alex "Zu" Arzu

Rice University, Houston TX: Rice University "Cargo Space Project" tour bus by Mr. D and others. 

May 2013

Close up!
Art in progress
Cargo Space Project on Fox26!
The original bus before the artists get to work!

A True Trooper: Keeping his mind off the recovery process coloring following a heart surgery. Wishing young Isaac a speedy recovery!

Midtown article covering "Call it Street Art Call it Fine Art Call it What You Know" art show featuring Picasso portrait by Mr. D and 17 other artists.

Picasso portrait done by Mr. D at Station Museum 1502 Alabama St. Houston, TX 77004

May 2013

Completed piece located at Station Museum 1502 Alabama St. Houston, TX 77004
Sebastien "Mr. D" Boileau with Art Talk Radio 90.1 KPFT Show

"Call it Street Art, Call it Fine Art, Call it What You Know" Article written in Arts+Culture Magazine Houston

Close up detail of portrait.
Screen shots of Station Museum's Article written on "Call it Street Art, Call it Fine Art, Call It What You Know"
Picasso portrait at the Station Museum: Work in progress

 Station Museum Houston, TX: "Call it Street Art Call it Fine Art Call it What You Know" Art show 1502 Alabama, Houston TX. Pieces will be up for the next 3 months

May 2013

Live digital stream interview of Sebastien "Mr. D" Boileau interview with Fox News26
Fox News26 News anchor using iPad for the first time for Houston News for live tv broadcast with Mr. D! (Artist Daniel Anguilu piece in the background)
Mr. D and Liza at Station Museum in Houston, TX show casing his latest piece
Station Museum's participating artists!
Big Openning Reception!
Teaser for the big Art show opening at Station Museum. Come see the finished wall for yourself.

Large Bulldog eyes painted in the gym of Hitchcock High School in Hitchcock Texas!

June 2013

Spray can flower arrangement by Eyeful Art in the Houston Press!

May 2013

Eyeful Art Flower bouquet in the Houston Press!

Downtown Houston: Mr. D and Serty KCA at Autism Festival

April 2013

Mr. D and Serty KCA at the Autism Festival painting an impromptu piece

Midtown Houston: Midtown Art in the Park completed Love You mural. Done by Eyeful Art's Mr. D, Serty KCA, and Zu! Photography by -Aisha Khan

April 13

Publication in the the Midtown Houston paper!
Art in the Park coverage on Houstons Voice
Coverage of the Midtown Mural in the Houston Business Journal
Art in the Park Media coverage on Fox26
Interview with NEWSFIX!
Art in the Park media coverage with NEWSFIX!
The artists of the Midtown "Love You" mural. Mr. D, Serty KCA, and Zu
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