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Eyeful Art Murals and Designs team of experienced professional artists work with Educational IndustryConstruction Project Managers, Advertising firms, Interior designers, Art consultants, and Architects, to create unique site-specific hand-painted and/or vinyl artwork and graphics for indoor/outdoor spaces. We have affordable solutions that will enhance your space and/or your brands at any scale and any surface. Including your own personalized hand-painted murals not only can enhance your space visually, but these pieces of art often create a topic of conversation. Due to the differing size options of the custom murals our team creates, regardless of your vision, including public art can make your business stand out compared to those surrounding you in Greater Houston, Texas and beyond.


Enjoy our custom murals and public art in Houston, TX!


Here's why hundreds of clients have been choosing Eyeful Art since 1992!

. Award Winning Artist 

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Reasons to Love Houston, TX Street Art

Street art can be traced back to the early 20th century. Graffiti became a form of self-expression and by the late1980s, many people wanted to have their art pieces in public spaces to showcase their work to everyone. For some, street art is an eyesore, but for others, it's visually pleasing. Walking through city streets, you may see tall, dull buildings. Adding street art to the area can help inspire and uplift those walking by, encouraging people to pay more attention to the world around them. Other reasons to love street art include: 

  • It's a beautiful form of self-expression- Street art is a form of art that offers freedom of expression. 
  • It promotes creativity- When it comes to creating street art, there are no restrictions on what you can produce, except for graffiti. 
  • It can add to its surroundings- Adding your art to public spaces can help transform pieces from nothing into beautiful areas over town including fire hydrants, lamp posts, and more. 
  • Challenges ideas both political and non-political- A artist may want to portray their political values, anger, and strong feelings through powerful pieces.  
  • Create Iconic landmarks in the city- Street art can create iconic spaces across the city and can make people's commutes more interesting. It can also add color to boring city streets. 


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Eyeful Art serves cities all over Texas, from the greater Houston area to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, as well as their neighboring cities. We welcome worldwide inquiries.

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