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Media Coverage of Our Public Art in Houston, TX


Public art is something that the whole community can benefit from. When viewers look at a hand painted mural, they often get a sense of satisfaction. Art is everywhere around us in Houston, TX, and it makes our community shine a little brighter. Public art can take a desolate or bleak building and turn it into a masterpiece onlookers can appreciate. Taking into account color theory, our artists can quickly draw viewers’ eyes in. Once our public art has captured their attention, they cannot help but look a little longer and admire the complexity or simplicity of our design.


Additionally, public art is something allows the community to better connect with each other. When two onlookers pass the same custom mural, they share that experience in common. Our shared experiences are what allow us to connect with others. With each custom mural, our community’s bond grows a little stronger.


Check out some of the media coverage our artists have gotten over the years for our public artwork.


Dali Graffiti Mural: Kingspoint Mullet Houston, TX

January 2013

"You Can Dance"  Eyeful Art Transforms School Gymnasium (Time Lapse)

March 2013

Eyeful Art Custom Murals and Designs

December 2012

Eyeful Art Promotional video

November 2012

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