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If you're looking for a company that provides custom school murals or graphic art, look no further. Eyeful Art Custom Murals and Designs proudly serves the greater Houston and Dallas, Texas areas as well as nationwide. Browse our custom school murals or call to learn more about our design capabilities!


Street art plays an important role in the cultural spaces of Houston, Dallas, and the surrounding areas. In recent years, street art has become more prevalent in all kinds of settings, even schools. If you're looking for a colorful, contemporary piece to add personality to your school, Eyeful Art Custom Murals and Designs is here to help. We believe that street art can benefit students in many different ways: 


  • Expressing Diversity: Art is all about expression; street art is no exception. One of the beautiful things about art is its ability to bring different groups of people together. By embracing the street art style for your custom mural, your educational facility can appeal to everyone. 
  • Embrace Color & Style: Street art makes people happy. It can attract attention and inspiration. Students who see colorful art instead of grey walls every day will feel uplifted and inspired. 
  • Increase Unity: Street art inspires everyone; it can revive old and tired buildings, improve school spirit, and instill trust in the space. Having a statement piece of street art installed in your school can draw students together, as they feel they are both part of a common community. 
  • Inspire Students: Seeing a normal or boring space transformed into something exciting can inspire students to think outside of the box. As an educator, you know how important it is to encourage students to pursue their passions. The right piece of street art can be an important tool in your arsenal. 

Eyeful Custom Murals and Designs is here to provide eye-catching school graphics and other custom murals for educational properties throughout the greater Houston area and beyond. Contact us today to learn more!


From a beautiful new banner cheering on your team to a mural in the school cafeteria, our custom school graphics can be used for a variety of things throughout your school. Browse through the categories below and see what interests you. To learn more about our custom graphics, call us today!

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